Encounters Icon

When a patient comes in for their encounter, the doctor will access the patient chart from the Encounters Icon by clicking on the patient’s name.  This will open a new tab across the top with the name of the patient.  It will also open up the chart(s) that were chosen for the encounter when the appointment was made and all associated workflow.

The initial view on the patient encounter is called the Patient Dashboard (as opposed to the Practice Dashboard, which is still open and one click away).

The Patient Dashboard has several tabs along the top and Icons along the left side. The top of the Patient Dashboard has a quick-view status bar showing Patient Name, Complaint, DOB, age, and appointment status.  This is extremely helpful when a physician has multiple different patient encounter tabs open at once.

The Patient Dashboard includes the following: Demographics, Vitals, Attachments, Active Medication Allergies, In-House Procedures, Office Visits, Active Medications, Recent Lab Results and Active Problems.

The tabs along the top of the Dashboard reflect the workflow charts that are used for that type of encounter.  A physician may access and review forms a patient previously filled out by clicking the PMH (Past Medical History) tab.

Tabs on the left side of the Patient Dashboard:

Vitals Icon:  Shows all previous vitals taken for that patient by date.  New vitals may be taken during the patient visit and saved here in the patient record.  Vitals can also be updated from the Patient Dashboard.

Flow Sheet Icon:  Use this area to keep a graphic summary of several changing factors for any flow sheets that may be used in the practice (i.e. diabetes, asthma, etc.).

Allergies Icon:  Existing allergies, reactions, status and date added are shown in this window.

Vaccines Icon:  If vaccines are administered at your facility, this window is where it would be selected from a drop down menu of available vaccines.

Orders Icon:  There are several tabs along the top of the window that opens when the Orders Icon is selected:  Medication, Laboratory, Radiology/Imaging, Active Orders, and Prescription.

Billing Ticket Icon:  ICD9 codes, corresponding CPTs, and associated billing amounts for the encounter may be selected and reviewed here.

SOAP Icon:  Clicking this will show the SOAP note created during the encounter.

Misc. Notes Icon:  This window will show notes and alerts for the patient.

Attachments Icon:  Opens a window where attachments on a patient record are managed.