Patient Portal

Once the staff has enabled online access for a patient (Patient Record / Patient Icon / Patient Portal tab), that patient may log in and see their health information on any device with a browser.


The Dashboard View shows Demographics, Previous Visits, Medication Allergies, Previous Diagnosis, Active Medications, and Lab Results.  The patient may fill out administrative or medical history forms your practice needs before seeing them in the office from the Patient Portal.

The Info Icon allows the patient to edit or update their personal Demographics, Emergency Contact, Responsible Party and Profile Picture.

The Vitals Icon shows the results of all vital signs taken by date range.

The Allergies Icon shows active allergies along with their reaction, status, and date added.  They may view their allergy history by clicking the History tab within this window.

The Labs Icon shows lab results in date range with the name of the lab test, normal range for that test, and result with units.

The Pharmacies Icon allows the patient to manage their favorite pharmacies list. They may search for pharmacies by name, city, or zip. Clicking the Add Pharmacy button after selecting a preferred pharmacy from the search results will attach these pharmacies to their record.  When a doctor is with the patient and ordering a prescription for the patient, they will see the patient’s favorite pharmacy list and be able to send the prescription directly to that pharmacy if e-prescribing.

The Account Icon allows the user to update their personal username and password.