New Patient Icon

To create a new patient, click the New (Patient) Icon on the Practice Dashboard.  A new tab will appear along the top of your screen.

To edit the Patient’s Demographics within the Patient Demographics window, select the appropriate items in the drop down menus (if applicable); check or uncheck any boxes (if applicable) and populate all required fields (shown in red) before saving the Patient Record.  Click the Add Patient button to save.


To list a referring provider or to transfer the patient to a different provider, use the drop down menus and populate the fields.  Click the Add button to save.

Once a patient is added to your records, you can edit their insurance information from the Insurance Tab.


To add a new insurance carrier to the patient’s record, click on the New Icon.  Select the insurance role from the drop down menu, populate all of the mandatory fields and any other information that you have for your patient’s record and click on the Add Icon to save your changes.

Notes and alerts can be added to the patient record by clicking on the Notes Tab.

To add a new note, click on the Add New Note Icon.  Enter in a note of your choice and click on the Update Icon to save your changes.

To make any of your notes into an internal alert for others users to see, check the Alert check box and click on Update to save your changes.  The note will now appear as an alert for all users to see whenever the patient record or encounter is accessed.

Attachments, such as scanned paper charts, insurances cards, lab results and radiology images can be added to your patient’s record by clicking on the Attachments Tab.

To add an attachment, click on the Add File Icon.  Check the appropriate circle to indicate whether you are uploading a link or a file.  Enter the link’s URL or browse your computer to add a file.  Select the file type and add a description.  Check the Patient Dashboard check box if you wish for this attachment to be accessed from the Patient Dashboard at a future time.  Click on the Add File Icon to save your changes.

You can access a list of past appointments and their corresponding SOAP/Chart notes by clicking on the Appointments Tab.

Click on the Select hyperlink for any of the encounters listed to access the SOAP Note for any encounter.

Click on the View hyperlink to access the workflow for any encounter.

To assign a preferred pharmacy for you patient, click on the Pharmacies Tab.

To add a new pharmacy, populate a pharmacy name, city or zip code and click on the Search Icon.   Select the pharmacy of their choice and click on the Add Pharmacy Icon to save your changes.

To enable Patient Portal access, check on the Enable Online Access check box.  Issue the patient a username and password and click on the Update button to save your changes.

To list the patient’s communication preferences, make your selection from the list of options and click on the Add button to save.


To audit a patient’s record, click on the Activity Feed Tab.


You are able to see which user accessed the patient’s record, along with which element of the patient’s chart was accessed or edited.

To create a quick claim for a patient, click on the Quick Claim tab.


Select a date, time, location and provider for the services to be billed and then, click on the Go Icon.

Select the diagnosis and billing codes of your choice and click on the Save Superbill Icon or the Save & Post Icon to submit your claim to your billing cue.